My trip to the World Handball Championship in Poland: never again electric automotive!

Reader Anton V. To assist the German crew, traveled from Hanover to the World Handball Championship in Poland in a Tesla rental automotive. His document is devastating.

You have to plan a trip with a Tesla electric car differently.

You have to plan a Tesla electric automotive trip in a different way. Friedrich Bungert/imago

From 2035, solely zero-emission electric automobiles might be allowed to be bought in the EU. But till then, many issues nonetheless want to be solved in order that electric automobiles are appropriate not just for the metropolis, but additionally for lengthy distances.

Anton V. (28), a reader of the Berliner Zeitung, lately drove in opposition to his will in this Tesla electric automotive from Hanover to Kattowitz (Katowice) and Krakow (Krakow) to assist the German crew at the World Handball Championship. Distance from Hanover to Katowice: about 800 kilometers.

He loved the video games in Poland, however driving the Tesla was a nightmare for him and his good friend.

Here is his story:

Last Thursday, me and my good friend, each avid handball followers, left early in the morning for the World Handball Championship in Poland. First we had to get a rental automotive. Traveling with Deutsche Bahn was not potential for us as we needed to attend a number of matches and had to journey between Katowice and Krakow. Our first goal on Thursday was the match between Qatar and the Netherlands at 15:30 in Katowice. Delay was not a part of our plans.

With a combustion engine, you do not have to fear about that

I used to be much more dissatisfied when the automotive rental firm could not give us the VW combustion engine we had pre-ordered: the automotive did not have the proper winter tire profile. As an alternate, we had been offered with the Tesla Model Y, which instantly gave me a foul feeling. Is it a joke if an e-car is sort of 800km away and thus far behind? I’ve additionally heard rumors that the battery capability is not nearly as good in the winter as it’s in the summer season. However, the supervisor assured that every little thing could be positive and talked about free charging at Tesla charging stations as a bonus. Eventually we had no alternative however to go away.

We had to plan our route in a different way now as a result of with an e-car you solely have just a few charging choices. With a combustion engine, you do not have to fear about that: you replenish at the subsequent fuel station and drive away. However, Tesla had to plan charging time in advance and distribute it alongside the route. At least the route operate helped us and confirmed all Tesla fuel stations on the map.