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So far, on the World Cup, our handball gamers have delighted German followers with their attacking play, glorious crew spirit and excessive spirits. BILD reveals the 15 secrets and techniques of the crew that might be topped champions at house subsequent yr in 2024.

The secret of velocity!

Our stars rating countless targets within the World Cup. Also, the throws attain a really excessive velocity. Backcourt participant Juri Knorr (22/Rhein-Neckar Leuven) had the toughest shot on the crew at 137.69 km/h.

Yuri Knorr’s throwing velocity is 137.69 km/h


The secret of Harz

The youngest does the dirtiest work. Knorr, virtually two months youthful than Julian Köster (22 / VfL Gummersbach), is a pitch controller who has to attend for the pots of sticky mass and take them to coaching with a ball bag. Resin is used to raised grip the ball.

The secret of the medicinal plant!

This is a ritual. Coaches and professionals apply Japanese natural oil (if wanted) to their fingers earlier than a recreation. Deep respiration clears the airways.

The secret of focus!

The IHF has listed Yannick Kolbacher (27/Rhein-Neckar Leuven) as 1.93m and 105kg. Unstoppable spherical edge. National coach Alfred Gislason (63), a former world-class defender, mentioned: “His middle of gravity may be very low. Once Kohli has the ball, he’s unstoppable.”

DHB stars towards Norwegian chapter “There is not any probability to carry out towards France”

The secret of kilograms!

Who has the largest muscle tissues and might carry essentially the most – Johannes Golla (25/Flensburg-Handwitt), Yannick Kolbacher or Andreas Wolff (31/Kielce)? Kohlbacher advised SPORT BILD: “I’m 20 kg greater than Andi in phrases of most weight. I’m 140, 150 kilos now – Andi has it too. I’ve already scored 170. Now, if I observe for 2 weeks, Andi will begin crying once more…”

Power Pack: Yannick Kohlbacher

Power Pack: Yannick Kohlbacher

Photo: Jan Wojtas/dpa

DJ secret!

Simon Ernst (28/SC DHfK Leipzig) is obsessive about the dressing room and at all times has a conveyable jukebox with him. Hits are additionally performed. Hilarious: In Katowice, some gamers together with Patrik Grotzky (33/Rhein-Neckar Leuven) sang alongside to the celebratory music from the sector’s loudspeakers in the course of the warm-up.

The secret of coal!

According to SPORT BILD, Andreas Wolf from the highest Polish membership earns 40,000 euros monthly. For comparability: Djibril M’Bengou (30/Bergischer HC) has round €18,000.

Why is he doing that? Handball star Koster beat himself up within the dressing room

The secret of the bonus!

DHB paid 16 gamers a complete of €400,000 for the World Cup title. There is a separate settlement for coaches and employees. There is cash as much as eighth place (€40,000), which the crew secured by reaching the quarter-finals.

The Secret of the Jar!

Luca Witzke (23/SC DHfK Leipzig) visited the Mining Museum and “Katowice Colliery” on the principle circuit. Witzke adopted within the footsteps of his father Jürgen, who labored as a miner underground.

Children’s secret!

With 16 gamers on the DHB World Cup, 5 of them have offspring. Fathers within the crew: Joel Birlech (25/Rhein-Neckar Leuven), Patrick Grotzky (33), Paul Drucks (27/Fuchse Berlin), Kai Hafner (33/MT Melsungen) and Johannes Golla (25).

The secret of greens!

Because Knorr suffered from patellar tendon issues in his youth, he modified his weight loss program. The 1.92m man has since develop into the one participant who has not eaten meat. Success: the vegetarian has been pain-free ever since.

The Golf Secret!

Christoph Steinert (33/HC Erlangen) is an entrepreneur. With Lutz Heiny (27/HC Erlangen) and Konstantin Madert (34/E. Hildesheim) he has a web based store for golf gear (eighteenunder.de) and is now launching his first objects.

The secret of the sport!

Kai Hafner can do it proper and left. The European champion perfected the hand change. Hafner: “I throw left-handed and write right-handed. That’s why I divided the duties very nicely.”

Secret of the hand!

“He broke a number of bones in his hand,” nationwide coach Alfred Gislason (63) advised SPORT BILD about his accidents throughout his taking part in profession. “The extensor tendon of the ring finger was damaged and three iliac bones had been damaged. I additionally dislocated my ring finger as soon as. But it was all value it.”

The secret of the oven!

All the very best to the celebs! The DHB World Cup has its personal chef. Nils Walbrecht (41) grants further needs to the celebs on the positioning.


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